Monday, June 30, 2008

I love the way i can talk to you and say what's on my mind,
i never have to look away or keep a thing inside, tears fill my eyes when you're not around
or when you just don't care but I know in my heart you will do what's right,
for me, you will always dare, material things will never matter, as long as I have you, You make every day that passes, So much easier to get through, my worries disappear when you're around
No thoughts of pain or doubt, I feel your love when you hold me close
and kiss me if i pout. I don't care what they are talking about, All I care for is you
I'll jump off a building to show you my love, if that's what I have to do, i love you for everything that you are, Not what you promise to be, i know you can't see why or how, you're the most important thing to me.

and I wish you knew :

How many days I have spent waiting for you. How many nights i turned into days thinking about you. How many moments i have spent hoping to see you. How many times I have dreamed bout you. In your eyes is the hope for me to love.The whole world is singing the sweet song of love. While the stars are spreading the light of hope. The light of morning defeats the darkness of night. Because you are the unreachable dream, you are an angel in the heavens of my heart. Because you are the angel of beauty and goddess of love, you have gifted me the hope for and ability to love. gahhh i'm sucks. lol.

Monday, June 23, 2008

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

to NAIM a.k.a cak alirrr. HAHA. nadawa.
enjoy life's.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

well, i didn't have something or event to post right now. i just want to sayy..


lol. lambat kah apa tuu.

whoooa! i didn't get much sleep last night. lol. cause i've to accompany my friend jalan2.

momm! i'll woke up bit late tomorrow morning. please don't bother me. HAHA.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

My fingertips glided along her skin, loving the warm, velvety texture that awakened my senses. They slid along her shoulder, caressing her neck, gliding across her cheek, and pushed away the silky golden wisps of hair that littered the ivory skin of her face.

I let my lips brush her forehead, following her defined cheekbones as a guideline, my soft kisses tracing the curves of her face. I let them rest momentarily on her closed eyelids, loving the way the fluttered gently on contact.

I felt her body tense as I let myself fall flat beside her, resting on hand behind my head an the other on her exposed navel.

My gaze wandered down her figure, following the soft curves of her body, the perfect golden tressels that fanned around her, a halo atop the head of an angel.

Listening to her steady breathing, her chest rising and falling rythmically, I realized what I had missed all those years, all the years I avoided my feelings, pretending I didnt feel what was there.

Everything was different now---She loved me and I loved her---and here she was, lying beside me, so receptive, so needing. Mine.

"GET UP NOW!!'' The familiar shrill demand floated up the stairs, ripping me from my slumber.

I ran the back of my hand along my eyes, squinting through the sunlight that streamed in through the drapes.

It was all a dream.
She still didnt know.
I could never tell her.

A dream.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Himi helping jul doing his work
Jul like's a pink colour. lol.

G-nol doing his cap

hello! this is the place where we were doing our cap kain. lol. i've done my first cap. so nine cap to go. i'm being so lazy to do this. hahah. many things to do. it's look like an easy, but when you are doing this thing you'll feel like you wanna give up. haha kiddin. have to do this thing seriously and carefully. one mistake , all goes wrong. tepaksa jua buat lagi semula. well.. i need some hard work to do this cap kain thingy. wish me luck. haha. apakann.

Friday, June 6, 2008

DAD'S 43th BIRTHDAY Todayy

to my dad
6 june
may Allah bless you dad
moga panjang umur and di murah kan rezeki.
i love you dad. hehe. =)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I want you exclusive from MTB4 sang by caroline

loved this song to begin with.. but hearing this version i love it even more.

i used to scribble your name in bright chalk on the sidewalk
when no one was looking then hurredly cover it up with drawings of other stuff
i 'd draw you in class your graphite smile wouldn't last because the teacher was walking my way fast,
i typed your name on an impulse the letters struck me better though no one ever would see backspace you out of my mind and hope no body could find. i spoke your name aloud
running water drowned it out. i couldn't let anybody figure me out
looking back i see the signs that i was quick to blur the lines that separated you and me
so hear my retroactive plea
i don't want to plague you with subtlety i'll always tell you everything you mean to me
So let's let the past be dead and gone take hold of my hand and let's move on.

Monday, June 2, 2008

WARNING: This is a story of heartache and tragedy striking…

Let’s Start…

“Raimundo wait.” Nina said sternly pushing herself away. He opened his eyes to stare into hers. “What?” She kissed him one last time before answering, “Do you have protection?” His eyes went wide before nodding his head.

She grabbed his shirt and lifted it over the top of his head. Studying every wonderful rippling muscle that he possessed. A blush crept over his face when the blonde removed her blouse, he wasn’t afraid to admit to himself he was embarrassed for once. What her opinion of him would me; a bundle of nerves bunched in his stomach. He ignored them trying to focus on Nina who was now capturing his lips.

The brunette let out a soft mewl his hands tangled in a mess of soft blonde hair. As Nina climbed on top of him he fell on his back taking her with him. There was no time to be sweet ,slow, seductive not with the way he felt right now.

All the wind dragon knew was that she suffered from heartache and he was willing to fix that. Even if it wasn’t right, even though he was taken…Raimundo couldn’t help himself. His childhood best friend Nina Landen had been abused by her supposed lover. This angered him so…but he just respected her decisions no matter how foolish. Just because he cared so much for the girl. It wasn’t the fact he was in love with her just the fact he’d had to watch her go through this and do nothing. Only because they weren’t on the same side anymore.

He heard a soft whisper come from the girl when they separated. “Huh?” Nina leveled her mouth to his ear. “I love you Raimundo Pedrosa.”

The Next Morning..

Raimundo scoped his surroundings before he jumped over one of the temple walls. When he reached the vault a voice called out to him. He quickly turned on his heels and bowed. “Master Fung.”

“What are you doing out of bed young monk?”

“I was just taking a walk.” The elder nodded his head. “You should go to bed.”

“Yes Master Fung.” Raimundo bowed one last time and ran to his corridors.

P/S: huahuahua. i don't know what am i doing just now. it was just a story with no title. lol.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Today we went to kayak-ing at pantai serasa. hahah its totally fun lah.

chilling after kayak-ing

ready for kayak-ing!

adoi, mua kesiann ekeke.

Time we siuk2 lepak, there're a suprise call from my mom that i've got to go back home. haha she told me to reach home before 6.30 because i have a tution on 7 pm.. then taruss lah rushing ke rumah. HAHA. sharul drive 190km/h. inda kamu pecaya tu. nyawa d atas kepala sudah HAHA. i reach home around 6.45. nasib baik jua inda kana marah. huhu. this is my first day of tution. lol. i'm sorry guys. its unexpectation. =s lain kali lagi..